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Technology Brings Prosperity Impact in Smart Homes

Scientific Research makes human life easy and comfortable with their consistent deep struggle to find the ending possibilities through which they make human life challenging and skip the hard efforts, but to bring the smart effort you can do your work without performing a lengthy procedure just to do a single task of instruction which makes your life trouble-free with Smart Homes.

Smart homes use Solar Energy Led Lights

We don’t have to worry about the technology enhancement, Solar system one of the top inventions of science which is very much successful in Pakistan because of their climatic nature. Many people have completely adopted this technology and completely get rid of these numbers of cable wire electricity.

It also saves your money with his smart feature automatic on and off option, because of that people were highly impressive according to the cost-effectiveness, which was added in their lifestyle after getting a step towards the smart home gadgets.

Logitech Harmony Elite

People were completely irritated with number cellular remotes. This device is a complete Hi-tech type of device its work with over 260,000 entertainment different channels and from smart homes you just have a need of harmony elite because of which you completely control the number if task does with the help of this single device. For example, TV, Gaming Console, Smart lights, Smart locks, Thermostats and smart speakers etc mean you have relieved with some big responsibilities which you have to do in daily life routine.

Led Bulbs

Imagine you are sleeping in your room and you just have to wake up early to want to eat something, you leave a room without switch off the bulbs, How about turn off your room lights through a mobile phone?

Because of this smart technology you saved from doing the procedure and experience the new-age smart lighting system that can control through your Smartphone with the help of an app through a Wi-Fi bridge.

Door Bell Cam

If your kids are alone at home, Door bell you will make sure with constant notification through sending a video in your mobile phone every time the person come in your door and feels free of the worry that either your children were mistaken, without asking them to open the door.

Smart Lock

When you go somewhere and forget where we put a key last time. So this smart lock working with the help of an app which installed in your phone through which you allows those people whom you have a trust, behind your presence and updated you with all the lock and unlock activity performing in your house.

Amazon Echo

It is a home audio speaker that integrates a personal voice named Alexa similar with Siri and Google. It always connected with your Wi-Fi allowing them to reach cloud services and Bluetooth letting you stream music from mobile. It is a highly customized app according to placement an order or to make any reservation and their availability, This device completely control smart home products like Philips Hue, LIFX, WEMO etc.

Smart Refrigerator

Smart refrigerators are a super capacity three door refrigerator with an eight inch LCD screen. Their screen easily interacts with your mobile phone app. It performs a dual role of a controller and information server. Along with these, you can peek inside the fridge through your phone with its built-in cameras.

Smart Homes Vacuums

In this era you don’t have to get off the couch to vacuum in this era, it will return on its own to charge before completely running out of juice and then when charged, it returned to where it left off. We can also set the suitable timing in advance for the vacuum to do clean even if you aren’t at home.

Nest Smoke Detector

Sometimes you have thought negative intuitions about to leave your home, although you completely checked all the necessary things at the time of leaving. Nest smoke detector has an industrial grade sensor that tests itself automatically. It’s also the first alarm you can hush from your phone with any extra hardware required and it also have an advanced detection function to show what the smoke is from, whether it’s your toast burning or the toaster itself.


All these devices contributing an important role in our lifestyles and perusing a positive impact of Smart Homes, according to the saving of time, cost-effective, Managing of daily routine work and Security of the house. The four important characteristics joined to form a 24 hour day, all day is depending on those elements, why it’s so important for us? If really technology’s effect these Factors? Why we all frequently adoptive according to accepting a Technology? Therefore, we have some consecutive questions that we need them to answer.

It’s significant to discuss these four factors correlate with those important questions. The technology makes human life easy and managed; it also reduces the risk of security and extremely easy to control, these devices must very little cost of maintenance. Most people in Pakistan prefer to use smart technology to regulate their security. Smart home technology refers to any suite of devices, appliances or system that connected into a common network. This can control from your smart phone or through a mobile touch screen device. This whole process of Smart Homes allows you to tap into high-tech functionally and luxury that was not possible in the past. After the flow of time technology expends quickly and possibilities for consumer home automation to make life more enjoyable. Smart home system tends to wonderfully flexible when it comes accommodation of new devices and appliances. No matter how state of the art your appliances seem today, it will never more impressive as time goes on. Moreover, you will replace the older ones to discover new technology to go with your indoor and outdoor spaces and have to keep upgrading to the latest lifestyle.

Managing a home inside. You can check how you watch TV and what you watch, what kind of meals you like to cook, the foods you keep in your refrigerator and your energy consumption habits over time. According to this routine, you may able to analyze your daily routine habits and schedule, and makes adjustments to live the life you want.

Book Your Plot with capital smart city of Islamabad and enjoy a smart home.

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